My articles & books

Links to my articles, referred material, books, and citations

Content 1. Debate articles (1.1. English & 1.2. Swedish: 1.2.1. Dagens Medicin & Läkartidningen, 1.2.2. Second Opinion, 1.2.3. DN, SvD, Aftonbladet, Gävledagbladet, Arbetarbladet, 2 . Scientific articles: 2.1. Links from Reference list in Wikipedia, 2.2. Abstracts from Medline list, 3. Links with articles & citations from Google Scholar (Dec 2009), 4. Older articles (Spanish & English), 5. Scanned ref. material

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Dedication of my doctoral thesis to my dear friends Dr. Miguel Enríquez and Dr. Bautista Van Schouwen, MDs, which died heroically during the armed resistance against the fascist dictatorship of Pinochet in Chile. For the text, click on image above


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