About the author

Doctor in Psychiatry and Professor Emeritus i Public Health Sciences. Engaged in the public Swedish debate (media and blog) mainly on issues of  human rights to free opinion and comunication, and on epidemiological aspects in mental health. Born in Chile of Italian descent, I have for political reasons lived most of my life in exile.  I am also an artist, write some, and at present I live most of the time in Italy. Further biographic details found here, and here.

About Lotta Continua:

In a given moment of your life, by and large in your younger years, you take that kind of ethical choice which will determine the rest of your entirely life. If your decision is pure at hearth, you get into a non-reversal commitment never possible afterwards to surrender. You can not change the past and thus you have to change the future. You can not forget, but you can try to understand.  In sum, Lotta Continua is a one-way voyage in a war-train with nameless destiny, of battles with no mercy, and with no return.

This is La lotta continua

This Web portal is of recent creation and under construction/updating. The   header image is a composition using  the default background (Mistylook by Sadish) and a picture taken the 2nd of January 2010.


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